Digital products and services

Use our products to power your activities.
Simply configure or customise them depending on your needs.
Add product templates and further support if they speed up your path to impact.

We are open source developers as a company principle.
We develop existing open product and extend them in new ways, such as Open Data Kit (ODK), RapidPro, Python/R and Moodle. Often we make custom resources to work with these products too: university and school curricula for STACK, RapidPro authoring tools and Python and R packages for data analysis.

We also create brand new products, usually based on previous technologies for specific new scenarios and markets. These include OpenCommunityBuilder for digitising development programmes, R-Instat for data science and OpenAppBuilder for mobile apps.

So have a look at our previous projects and we’d love to hear what off-the-shelf products of new developments you need.

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