Training services

Use our expertise and skills to develop your team and projects. And because we believe that teaching is the best way to learn, we’ll learn from you too. We offer training through open digital resources, moderated and facilitated courses, and fully customised programmes.

The IDEMS team are primarily educators, so learning and training is part of our culture.

Over time this has come to mean we provide four interrelated training services across the range of our subject expertise:

  1. Open digital resources (or public goods) you can access and use immediately and freely, such as self-directed courseslearning materials and software packages and documentation. 
  2. Moderated training sessions and courses which are largely self-led but also include peer discussions and fora with other learners and exercises to test learning progress;
  3. Facilitated sessions where every learner has access to digital course materials and a series of live webinars to work through the course as a group, such as for data science and analysis;
  4. Bespoke courses which can be delivered via any of above methods but cover an individually tailored curriculum we develop based on your requirements and preferences.

We also develop and deliver seminars, executive masterclasses, individual tutoring and mentoring and hackathons. These often combine the four training types above. Finally, we develop and setup training and learning technology systems, such as Moodle and STACK.

Let’s discuss your training requirements:

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