Work with us

Almost all our work is highly collaborative and transdisciplinary in nature. We intend to grow our team naturally, often starting through collaboration on projects with a shared passion. We are keen on building partnerships and open to engaging people flexibly, including on a full-time, part-time, contracted, internship and volunteer basis.

We have three forms of open recruitment, shown below, where we continually consider exceptional candidates.

We currently have a specific opportunity for Non-Executive Directors.

Non-Executive Directors

After five years defined by profitable organic growth, IDEMS is at a very exciting stage of its development: looking to launch digital services based on an ecosystem of open technological products. That’s why we are looking for Non-Executive Directors to help steer us through this next chapter with the values and insights they can bring. Find out more and apply.

Collaborative partnerships

As an organisation we are aiming to contribute to the grand challenges that face our world. We recognise the importance of working together to achieve meaningful impact and thrive working in collaboration. We value the diverse perspectives coming from our partnerships, which range from prestigious academic research to local grassroots development partners. 

We are always open to new partnerships, which often start with a concrete collaborative project. Contact us to find out more. 

Social Impact Enablers

We recognise that there is no substitute for personal experience when it comes to social development. Our team includes people who have spent substantial proportions of their career living in the global south and working on some of the grand challenges that we are facing. And we are always on the lookout for others who know what it takes to support change and are intrigued by the unusual mix of skills our team brings to the table. 

We always welcome enquiries from exceptional people who may be interested in bringing their experience to bear on our work as a social impact enabler

Software Developers

Building technological tools designed for social impact is one of the most powerful applications of our skillsets. We recognise the importance of professional experience in building solutions that will adapt over time. And are always on the lookout for experienced software developers who want to contribute to socially impactful projects and could integrate well into our divers team.

We always welcome enquiries from exceptional people who may be interested in bringing their experience to bear on our work as a software developer

Mathematical Scientists

At the heart of IDEMS is our depth of expertise across the mathematical sciences combined with our passion to bring those expertise to bear on socially impactful projects. Our mathematical scientists are appreciated for their academic skills while being challenged to bring their intellect to bear on social problems.

We always welcome enquiries from exceptional people who may be interested in collaborating with us as mathematical scientists. We also have a specific fellowship opportunity for recent doctoral graduates interested in moving towards using their skills for social impact.

Climate Data Analysts

IDEMS International is looking for climate data analysts in the support of our inputs on e-PICSA (Digital Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture) project to develop a country-wide data product for providing location specific historical rainfall and temperature data based on historical station and satellite data.