Moodle developments and STACK

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Student-led mastery learning technology that reduces admin and increases performance

A uniquely powerful and scalable learning tool, Moodle is also technically complex and requires substantial time investment to maximise its value by both educators delivering curricula and content authors developing courses and feedback.

Common challenges on the path to delivering effective courses with Moodle, we have found, include starting from scratch with no materials or templates to adapt, diverting staff from their primary roles to undertake adequate training and spending disproportionate time to solve minor technical issues because they’re unfamiliar.

Building the skills and experience of a local team to manage your system may not be possible and will certainly take time. Where we work alongside in-house staff, our approach is to use technical support to build their capacity. Where there is no in-house team, we provide rapid system and content development then timely ongoing support. IDEMS can also provide a complete system ready to deploy with templates, resources and degrees of customisation to create the foundation for your online learning service.

Why should I choose IDEMS for my Moodle development?

IDEMS has experience developing Moodle systems (and STACK questions for maths curricula) for a wide range of academic levels, primarily for higher education but all the way from secondary schools to the training of professionals. We’ve delivered Moodle installations to deliver learning for maths departments, national meteorological offices and data science teams amongst others.

IDEMS has also been instrumental in enabling the application of Moodle and STACK to transform learning in under-resourced environments. Specifically IDEMS plays a key role supporting a growing international network of African institutions through training, hosting, technical support and sharing resources from our open question banks to help transform higher education across the continent. (IDEMS staff are members of the STACK development team, the African STACK Community Leadership team and the STACK professionals network.)

Where are IDEMS’ Moodle developments already in use?

Moodle services IDEMS has developed are currently live with the UK Met Office, EUMETSAT, World Meteorological Organisation and the universities of Maseno, Trieste, Edinburgh, Masinde Muliro and Bahir Dar.

Where can I see IDEMS’ Moodle courses in use?

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