Python developments

For doing and sharing data science.

Web development, data science, data pipelines, modelling.

We’ve seen Python become the popular and pragmatic choice for a huge range of uses. Whether you’re developing a website with a database and other tools, building models for analysis or dashboards to present key data from multiple sources, there will be a wealth of resources to get started – and our previous experience in these kinds of areas will help complete your projects more effectively.

Why should I choose IDEMS for my Python development?

As open source advocates, we’re delighted to see languages such as Python and R becoming so widely used and so widely supported by developer communities. This enables organisations to select development partners based on their approach and quality of work, rather than privileged access or a certain certification.

Our strong track record of delivering initiatives over time, we believe, demonstrates the quality of our work, and the social principles and values which underpin our particular approach, are likely to be key reasons for choosing IDEMS (or not) for your Python development.

Where are IDEMS’ Python developments already in use?

UNICEF’s Internet of Good Things was developed with Python (and Django) so although alternatives may have had advantages in rebuilding its infrastructure, we’ve maintained the same environment to ensure UNICEF can provide future support.

To share pioneering crop and population models beyond the West African context in which they were developed, we’re translating them into Python packages so they can be published as Digital Public Goods and support climate mitigation by smallholder farmers globally.

To explore the potential for machine learning to accelerate social development, we’re using Python to build pipelines and analyses of caregiver videos from southern Africa that categorise parent-child interactions to support early intervention.

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