Responsible AI for Enterprise

Changing AI hype to AI hope and coming to terms with AI anxiety to support businesses grow responsibly

We know that AI is currently on everyone’s minds and for good reasons. Recent advances have and will change the world we live in so it is in the news, in the tools we use and affecting decision making in ways we can’t always yet comprehend. AI related scandals are regularly hitting the headlines from racist or sexist algorithms to exploitative labour practices and discriminatory policymaking. They impact people and profitability. 

It is hard for organisations to be confident that they won’t become the next headline villain if they embrace AI in their working practices. We recognise that for companies who want to be enterprising and ethical it is hard to integrate AI. Often management have a clear line of sight on their corporate culture and values but lack the technical understanding to dig into the accountability of what they sell. Conversely, with strong in-house technical teams, there is often a skills gap for data scientists in communications and ethics related to responsible AI.

As legislation is being written around the world there is an opportunity for companies to get ahead of the game. Your teams need to understand where AI has come from, how this history defines how it really works and sort political myths from social realities to judge realistic implications for their sector. And policymakers want to hear about the practical challenges and opportunities you’re evaluating to balance sustainable growth with public good.  

Our programme on Responsible AI can broadly support two key groups:

  1. In house Data Scientists looking to be responsible (and on the right side of regulation). Our approach here is to empower Data Scientists by increasing their awareness of the ethics of AI and giving them support to openly communicate what’s explainable and what’s uncertain in their approaches.
  2. Collaborators and Managers who interact with AI related investment and development. Our approach here is to demystify what AI does, its immense power and its limitations. We are able to clearly articulate why responsible AI is not just about the technology, it is about the interpretation of results and how the technology is integrated into decision making processes.

We recognise that each organisation has its own unique context and adopting AI responsibly will look very different. So we design each programme with you specifically to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

Feedback from previous participants:

“Thank you. You presented in a way that was easy to understand, logical and mind blowing for someone who needs to know about but is not directly involved in AI.”

“That was brilliant. Insightful … fascinating. I really enjoyed this session and learned so much.”

“This fantastic series could be a sponsored seminar for our final customers … this is a thought-provoking fantastic series for many of the company stakeholders.”

“Some of the best seminars I’ve personally attended, thank you for organising these!”

Designing and delivering the programme

Every programme is bespoke and tailored to your needs, typically in one of two ways:

  • One day in-person workshop or seminar with up to 25 staff.
  • Up to 3 x 1-2 hour online briefings/seminars for as many people as would like to join

The standard price is £10,000 + VAT (and travel if required) with discounts available for social enterprises and charities.

If you require alternative delivery formats, please contact us to discuss them and we’ll work with you to design and price programmes accordingly.

We have found that with previous organisations, the key topics were designed around three main areas of debate:

  • Demystifying data science
  • How learning to lie with data is necessary to become responsible
  • Getting ready for regulation

About IDEMS and AI

IDEMS is a not-for-profit social enterprise that uses the mathematical sciences for social impact. Our work includes initiatives in social development, climate change and agroecology as well as education. Over the last 18 months members of our team have been drawn out of their technical comfort zones into the philosophical debates and questions surrounding responsible AI. Universities, research centres, charities, corporates and individuals that we interact with have all reached out for support to understand the current AI explosion, its implications and particularly the ethical concerns. As technical experts who work substantially in the social space with heightened awareness of ethical challenges we find ourselves in a niche position: we advocate for responsible AI use, can demystify its transformative potential while explaining how hard it is to be ethical as well as enterprising.
And while it is hard, adopting responsible approaches, we have found, often helps to align ethics and enterprise rather than accentuate ostensible tensions between them.

Benefits for you

You will gain:

  • A solid grasp of the advantages and risks of the application of AI for enterprise;
  • Tools for rethinking and augmenting your role by harnessing AI as a force responsible growth;
  • Confidence to have open, informed, constructive discussions with your colleagues about the potential and pitfalls of AI in their roles.

Benefits for your enterprise

Your organisation will gain:

  • Leadership from you and/or your team internally to influence the adoption and use of AI responsibly in business development;
  • A champion for forward thinking technology use, rather than an irresponsible approach to innovation;
  • Shareable tools and techniques to support development across teams.