Invest with us

As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company limited by guarantee IDEMS International can provide a range of ethical opportunities for investors. These opportunities are intended to accelerate and stabilise IDEMS growth agenda towards larger scale social impact. If you are interested in investing, or contributing to our process of creating these social investment opportunities, you can contant us to request further information through the button below.

Opportunities for investors

To achieve our ambitions for social and environmental impact, investment in IDEMS in a variety of forms is essential. But not just any kind of investment. We also want to ensure that taking a financial stake in our work maximises the value we create for community users, development partners and our investors themselves.

That’s why our investment strategy is designed to provide: 

  • A fair and equitable return.
  • A range of options that enables the widest diversity of people – in terms of their backgrounds, professions, circumstances and cultures – to be part of a long-term relationship based on shared values.
  • An ethical and impactful service that makes investors money work not just for them, but also towards positive global change. 

We’ve already utilised loans, grants and contracts to expand our impact to date and, as we continue to develop, are keen to be as agile and innovative in resourcing our impact as we are in developing communities and technologies. For example, given the structure of the social investment market currently serves financial institutions rather than social enterprises, we’re instead piloting a crowdfunding approach linked to organisational performance rather than the financial value of equity, and we’re keen the government are likely to introduce new legislation to support responsible growth in this area. 

As with most of our initiatives that link academic research to real life impact, we’re also working to share our own experiences of social investment with leaders in the field, so other social enterprises learn with us. Do get in touch to hear about our current investment opportunities or share your criticisms and insights.