R developments

For data management, analysis and collaboration.

The data scientist’s go-to language, also available for everyone else

Designed for statistical analysis, data wrangling and visualisation, R is the ideal tool to bring data to life with not just insights, but practical value. Whether you need custom packages to accelerate discrete analysis, new components for complex systems or APIs and pipelines, our experience with R and the open data science community means we’re never starting from scratch with any new project – and are adept at delivering simple packages as well as complex ecosystems.

Why should I choose IDEMS for my R development?

IDEMS has developed R packages for integration into a wide range of systems and pipelines for research and production initiatives spanning climate, agroecology, health and general data analysis.

The key role of statistics in R applications aligns well with IDEMS’ key capabilities and, combined with an open-first approach to design, enables us to efficiently deliver new projects using existing and custom components.

Where are IDEMS’ R developments already in use?

Examples from the various fields noted above include: 

  • ClimateCDMS.Products is for manipulating and analysing historical climatic data;
  • Primary careCarbonR is an experimental package for calculating carbon-equivalent emissions. Originally produced to assess travel, it’s also been updated specifically to measure hospital operating theatres.
  • Public healthplhR (in early development) is a no-code analytics application of our spreadsheet authoring method that allows Shiny dashboards using R to be created simply with Excel;
  • AgroecologynetworkGraphsR (in early development) is for manipulating data to create network graphs, originally designed for Farmer Research Networks but with many wider use cases. 

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