ODK developments

From simple data collection to ecosystem analytics.

Still essential in low-connectivity environments. Increasingly effective anywhere.

Originally developed to facilitate mobile data collection in humanitarian aid and international development, ODK is a digital public good that now underpins a range of critical initiatives – and is integrated into a majority of IDEMS’ products and services.

For research and experimental projects, ODK’s built-in functions speed up development and testing cost-effectively. In longer-term projects, its broad user base and developer community make it a reliable and flexible choice.

Why should I choose IDEMS for my ODK development?

The IDEMS team have been using ODK in a wide range of projects – health, climate, education – for many years and have a strong grasp of its strengths and limitations. So we can quickly decide if it’s the right tool and deploy it efficiently.

As a digital public good, it aligns well with our overall approach and works smoothly with other technologies your project is likely to involve: NoSQL databases for managing the data collected, R-Instat for analytics and Shiny dashboards for sharing information with stakeholders.

Where are IDEMS’ ODK developments already in use?

In our agroecology work in West Africa, ODK enables research and experimental data gathering for farmer-led research networks because it’s quick, simple and intuitive.
In larger programmes, we’ve integrated ODK into Global Parenting Initiative deployments in around 12 countries. It’s also a key component for gathering climate data in ePICSA that can be shared with other smallholder farmers, and for informing national meteorological services via Climsoft and OpenCDMS.

Where can I see an IDEMS’ ODK developments in use?

  • The Jamaican Family Planning Board’s Yute service is available via WhatsApp on +1 (876) 838-4897.
  • ParentText South Africa is available via Telegram via @SA_Demo_ParentText

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