RapidPro developments

Easy to setup scalable no-code mobile messaging services.

Open source chatbot design, authoring and management.

Instantly powerful messaging. Endlessly flexible workflows.

Deploying RapidPro independently provides a wealth of easy to use mobile messaging services to reach relevant target groups quickly and efficiently using the channels they’re already familiar with.
Running a targeted campaign or programme? We can quickly deploy a RapidPro service to efficiently create response capacity. Gathering research data? Simple customisation enables RapidPro to offer a range of testing and delivery options.

Integrating it into other channels (or our OpenCommunity Builder) enables programme managers to deploy messaging services via any messaging platform using the same content and flows for apps, websites, and messaging – increasing consistency and reducing development costs.

Why should I choose IDEMS to develop my RapidPro solution?

IDEMS has developed a range of independent messaging services with RapidPro for community development programmes, targeted reproductive health campaigns and learning support for education.
Through this experience we’ve gained in-depth understanding of the product’s valuable features, and developed a custom no-code authoring system that simplifies the default flow system. This means messaging services can be managed and maintained by a wider range of less specialist staff and changes can be shared and/or scaled across an organisation.

Where are IDEMS’ RapidPro developments already in use?

  • The Jamaican Family Planning Board’s Yute service is available via WhatsApp on +1 (876) 838-4897: send “Yute.”
  • ParentText South Africa is available via Telegram on YYYYY.

Let’s discuss your RapidPro requirements:

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