Consultancy services

Use our consultancy service to help design complex initiatives together.
Increase your impact using our input to accelerate progress towards your goals.
Collaborate and, where possible, share open public goods.

Consultancy is often seen as bringing in external expertise to produce answers or advice. We think of it more in terms of collaboration, where some outside perspectives are often useful, but the real value is reciprocal and feeds back into organisational development as well as out into client products and services.

Some consultancy projects stay small and neat: developing a new set of climatic packages in R, for example. Excitingly they sometimes explode, through research and development, from a simple problem – digitising parenting workshops – into whole new programmes – the Global Parenting Initiative, for instance.

For consultancy and collaboration, no project is too small and no mission is too big. So we’ll look forward to hearing about your requirements.

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