Software Developers

A large part of IDEMS work involves developing open technological tools to serve global social needs. We have a growing team of in-house software developers who work on these projects while also serving as mentors for youth in our network of partners creating opportunities in the global south.

We currently have a time bound recruitment push once a year which focus on our current priorities, but are open to enquiries at any time. 

Software Developers

IDEMS International is looking for software developers to work on a variety of exciting projects with high social impact and global reach. We are expanding and expect to recruit multiple candidates through the course of the next year. We are looking for candidates with:

  • Experience working in a software development team, including mentoring others, and the ability to work simultaneously on diverse projects in different development environments and programming languages.
  • An interest in developing open source solutions to high standards and the ability to support such efforts remotely using standard tools (such as GitHub).
  • A desire to work in international development and the ability to support our partner teams in low resource environments.
  • A willingness to prioritise wellbeing over wealth and the ability to accept terms benchmarked on university rather than commercial rates.

IDEMS (Innovations in Development, Education and the Mathematical Sciences) International Community Interest Company has an expanding range of software development projects, focused on social impact, across diverse technology stacks. We are always open to consider integrating new software developers into our team.

IDEMS offers permanent staff full flexibility to define their working terms but expects all staff to act responsibly with respect to their workload and company finances. We also have mechanisms to work with people on a part-time, contract and volunteer basis.

Appointments would generally be expected to contribute to some of our existing projects, which use a range of technologies including:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Angular
  • Django/Wagtail
  • Python
  • R
  • VB NET
  • Web components
  • Progressive Web Apps including with JavaScript independence

Staff members would also be able to manage their own projects, either by bringing existing work commitments with them or creating new ones. This would simply require the projects to align with IDEMS principles and not have negative financial implications for IDEMS. IDEMS aims to give all staff members a say in how surpluses are used for reinvestment and to support of our community.

Informal enquiries are welcome at: enquiries ( at ) idems (dot) international or just contact us.