Post-Doctoral Impact Activation Fellowships

IDEMS is built by mathematical scientist who have challenged themselves to enter the more difficult arena of social development. We recognise the value of the skills a mathematical science training brings to problem solving in general, but also understand how challenging it is to bring those skills to bear on socially impactful problems. A large part of our success is driven by our desire and ability to help other mathematical scientists learn how to transition to impactful work.

We are especially keen to support recent PhD graduates in the mathematical sciences who are looking to investigate how their skills can benefit society. To this end we have created a rolling fellowship programme where we aim to support a number of candidates each year.  

Post-Doctoral Impact Activation Fellowships

The Post-Doctoral Impact Activation Fellowship programme was born out of personal experiences of the IDEMS Directors. It is central to the premise on which IDEMS is founded, that the mathematical sciences could have a lot more social impact if more mathematical scientist put their minds to bear on the challenges of social development by getting their hands dirty and working directly in the field.

These fellowships are designed for PhD graduates in the mathematical sciences, including mathematics, statistics, computer science and theoretical physics, who were primarily socially motivated. Our aim is to expand the range of career paths open to such candidates by extending awareness of how their skills could contribute and creating opportunities for them to add substantial value to socially impactful work.

These fellowship positions respect the individuality of each candidate. Fellows are integrated into IDEMS projects where they can both use their existing technical skills, and develop further skills, including soft skills, to contribute to our impact-oriented work. Fellowships are designed to provide opportunities for fellows to convert their academic expertise into skills which are of value to socially impactful initiatives, while also having opportunities to engage in transdisciplinary research activities.

The programme was launched in 2020 with two recent PhD graduates as the first fellows. Both of whom were able to contribute to some of our most important activities in their first year and have now become permanent full-time members of our team. Two further fellows started in 2021 and at least 4 are starting in 2022.

Applications to become a Post-Doctoral Impact Activation Fellow are continuosly open and considered on a rolling basis. This is an exciting role in which you will contribute to a wide range of IDEMS projects which have high levels of real world impact. There will also be opportunities to engage in research activities. Fellows can carry out their activities remotely and there is no need to travel.


Worldwide applications are welcome and will be considered. Postdoctoral Impact Activation Fellows based in the UK will receive a salary equivalent to grade 6.1 on the University of Oxford pay scales.