Climate Data Analysts

IDEMS International is looking for Climate Data Analysts in the support of our inputs on e-PICSA (Digital Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture) project to develop a country-wide data product for providing location specific historical rainfall and temperature data based on historical station and satellite data.


Climate Data Analysts

IDEMS is developing an automated system that provides quality checked, locally-specific, historical rainfall and temperature data appropriate for use in agricultural applications, by making best use of existing station data and state of the art satellite and reanalysis data. The system will be developed with two national meteorological services (NMS), in Zambia and Malawi. The NMS own and manage that station data within their country, which is managed through a climate database system. 

IDEMS will support the NMS in both countries to improve their climate databases depending on the needs within the country, but expected to include: training and joint work on quality control of current data, data organising to input into the climate database, supporting the development and use of a data entry system for digitizing paper records. 

This effort supports research work in the project to evaluate and then develop methods to combine station and satellite data in a way that is appropriate for agricultural applications and agricultural risks, to extend the reach of the station network by: infilling missing values in station data from satellite estimates, extending short station data records with satellite estimates, and providing data where no stations exist using satellite estimates. Ultimately, a combined station-satellite data product will be produced to provide historical rainfall and temperature data country-wide in Zambia and Malawi.

IDEMS is looking to recruit two climate data analysts to support this work (climate data analyst 1 & climate data analyst 2), each with a distinct role in the project.  Access the full Terms of Reference here as well as requirements. 

Interested applicants can either apply as an individual or company proposing to fulfil the obligations of either of the assignments described or both.  Successful candidates will need to be able to commence early February 2023 (please denote your earliest date of availability).

To apply: Submit a CV, quotation and cover letter outlining your experience and suitability specifying the role to apply (at) idems (dot) international.