Mathematical Scientists

IDEMS is built by mathematical scientist who have challenged themselves to enter the more difficult arena of social development. We recognise the value of the skills a mathematical science training brings to problem solving in general, but also understand how challenging it is to bring those skills to bear on socially impactful problems. A large part of our success is driven by our desire and ability to help other mathematical scientists learn how to transition to impactful work.

We are always open to collaborating with mathematical scientists but have identified a specific need for postdoctoral opportunities.    

Mathematical Scientists

IDEMS International is interested in collaborating with mathematical scientists who are interested in contributing to projects of high social impact and global reach. We have strong academic roots and are engaged in Mathematical, Statistical, Data and Computer Science communities to varying degrees. As well as being interested in recruiting further Mathematical Scientists we are open to many other forms of collaboration:

  • Impact oriented research collaboration. We have a growing number of topics coming out of our work which require original research and have the potential to lead to great social impact.
  • Co-supervision of doctoral students. We have a limited capacity for our staff to take on supervisory responsibilities of candidates interested in relevant social-impact oriented topics. 
  • Impact oriented educational opportunities. We are passionate about education at all academic levels. 

IDEMS (Innovations in Development, Education and the Mathematical Sciences) International is a not for profit Community Interest Company and has an expanding range of projects, focused on social impact, across diverse sectors. Our projects are highly collaborative with researchers and development organisations. IDEMS’ role in projects is primarily technical and our strong mathematical science skills are highly valued by all the partners we work with. 

We are also looking for staff members and IDEMS offers permanent staff fully flexible working terms but expects all staff to act responsibly with respect to their workload and company finances. We also have mechanisms to work with people on a part-time, contract and volunteer basis. 

We recognise that there is a specific need for recent for postdoctoral opportunities and have a fellowship programme designed to support recent PhD graduates.

Informal enquiries are welcome at: enquiries ( at ) idems (dot) international