Digital Public Goods for development

Data collection, mobile apps and chatbots, software development in Python and R – all for immediate results.

Key data, climate and responsible AI skills training – tailored and delivered in the ways you choose.

Discrete research and development consultancy and strategic, long-term collaborations.


Our approach is to strive for innovations, embracing contextualized problem solving which leads to impactful interventions.


Much of our work is in Africa, where we strive to work with local partners, building capacity to reduce the need for our services in the future.


We aim to impact professional and academic outcomes of both formal and informal education, especially in difficult environments.

Mathematical Sciences

We aim to contribute to the strengthening of the mathematical sciences, both as a discipline and a tool for social change.

IDEMS was conceived by Mathematical Scientists, with long term experience working in education and development, who are looking to have a greater impact by leaving academia. Our origins in academia have given us an appreciation of deep understanding and knowledge, which translates into a preference for long term collaborations rather than quick fixes. Our drive for impact leads us to search for practical solutions rather than ivory tower studies.

IDEMS is legally registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company. This structure enables us to be defined by the communities we serve while doing business commercially. Serving a community gives us a sense of purpose beyond our own self interest as individuals or even as a company.

IDEMS has lofty ambitions as defined by its vision and mission. Previous collaborations have demonstrated the potential benefits that well constructed principles bring. Our staffing principles serve to both define and communicate a set of values and responsibilities common to our members. All our principles can offer practical guidance for decision making and we endeavour to consider them at all times.