About our services

We provide a range of services to deliver both simple, immediate results and complex, long-term impacts. 

Whether you need a mobile app, a Python package or data skills training, we often start with specific requests and find they lead to digitising whole programmes and all kinds of exciting partnerships.

Where your organisation’s relationship starts and ends with us is up to you – as changemakers, innovators and collaborators – we’re all taking steps to social impacts together.

Use our consultancy service to help design complex initiatives together. Increase your impact using our input to accelerate progress towards your goals. Collaborate and, where possible, share open public goods. Consultancy
and collaboration
Use our expertise and skills to develop your team and projects. And because we believe that teaching is the best way to learn, we’ll learn from you too. Training
for people and teams
We offer training through open digital resources, moderated and facilitated courses, and fully customised programmes.
Digital products & services
for changemakers
Use our products to power your activities. Simply configure or customise them depending on your needs. Add product templates and further support if they speed up your path to impact.

Have a look at the kind of consultancy, training and digital services we offer, and the examples of previous initiatives we’ve delivered. This should give you a feel for whether IDEMS is the right sort of partner for you.

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