Data collection and management

From simple data gathering to ecosystem analytics.

Collect, store, share, manage, analyse and visualise.

Whether you’re simply collecting monitoring data for a single project to evaluate and report on it, or integrating live data from multiple sources for real-time analysis, effective data collection and management is often straightforward yet also more difficult than it first appears.

For smaller projects, our services aim to speed up development and deployment cost-effectively by using proven tools. For larger, longer-term projects, we typically build data collection and management into your existing system or our open platforms.

Why should I choose IDEMS for data collection and management?

The IDEMS team have designed and implemented data management initiatives in a wide range of projects – health, climate, education – for many years and have a strong grasp of what works in different contexts. If you have existing systems to work with, or preferred technologies and tools, we’ll apply our expertise and experience to them accordingly.

For projects that are new, migrating or being refreshed, and need to decide what tools and approaches are likely to be most effective, we can recommend a range of proven open source technologies. These might include NoSQL databases for managing the data collected, R-Instat for analytics and Shiny dashboards for sharing information with stakeholders.

Where are IDEMS’ data developments already in use?

In our agroecology work in West Africa, we’ve setup simple data collection and management systems for farmer-led research networks that are quick, intuitive and work with intermittent connectivity using Open Data Kit (ODK).
For the Global Parenting Initiative, we’ve deployed 12 national services to date using ODK for data collection and Shiny for stakeholder dashboards.
In our climate work, specifically E-PICSA, we’re digitising historical paper records and integrating ground station data (using ODK and RapidPro) to improve smallholder farmers’ crop yields and support national meteorological agencies model and mitigate climate change.

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