Social development

As a community interest company IDEMS is set up to serve the needs of society. We are grateful that so much of our current work aligns with our social mission. The following list highlights a few projects that directly impact social development while demonstrating the range of areas we touch upon.

As we grow our social development work will always remain an important part of our portfolio.

Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH)

IDEMS is privileged to be an integral part of the PLH team who has already reached over 200 million people worldwide. We appreciate the importance of the role we play while recognising that the impact is entirely due to the efforts and skills of those who use the tools we build. 

Agroecology hub

Small holder rural communities in eastern Africa are facing many challenges. There is also a growing body of evidence for the benefits agroecological approaches can bring to such communities. The Agroecological Hub at Manor House Agricultural Centre is working directly with farmers and their supporters to both share evidence backed practices and collaboratively investigate new opportunities or farmer innovations. 

Virtual Maths Camps

Africa is the youngest continent and its youth have the potential to transform their environments. Creating opportunities for youth to get engaged and take ownership of initiatives in their own environment is a great step towards preparing them for the future. Our aim is to combine that with initiatives that also improve their mathematical skills potentially nudging them on a route towards more technical digital jobs.

Internet of Good Things

The rapid expansion of internet users, over the last decade or so, has created a need for a reliable safe space online which UNICEF is working towards with it’s Internet of Good Things. IDEMS has been challenged to take on the development of the platform as it looks to expand while meeting contrasting user requirements.

Innovations in Community Action for Resilience and Education (iCARE)

iCare applies community-first research to amplify community action by social enterprises. It enables organisations to become more evidence-driven by providing data science expertise to inform and empower local communities.