Meet our team

We are a small team with a diverse set of skills and experiences. What draws us together is a passion for development and a strong belief in achieving impact over maximising personal gain. We are based across the world with flexible working arrangements including full and part time employees, collaborators and advisors.


David Stern

Director, Mathematical Scientist

David Stern is a Mathematical Scientist and Educator. He is a former lecturer in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at Maseno University in Kenya and a founding board member of African Maths Initiative (AMI).

Danny Parsons

Director, Mathematical Scientist

Danny has a background in mathematics, which led to a broader interest in education and development with organisations including AIMS, AMI and University of Oxford. He is involved in various projects that cut across the mathematical sciences, education and development in Africa within IDEMS.

Beth Medvecky


Beth is passionate about African smallholder agriculture, agroecological research for development and development education for multidisciplinary teams of students through experiential learning.

Chris Marsh


Chris is an experienced software developer who has worked in a variety of sectors over his 20 year career. He has managed teams of software developers and coordinated large development projects.

Chiara Facciolà


Chiara is an Applied Mathematician who has recently completed her PhD. She is currently involved in a number of projects within IDEMS, which range from education to social challenges.

Esmee te Winkel

Mathematical Scientist

Esmee is a mathematician with a passion for education. As a member of SAMI charity, she volunteered at Maths Camps in Kenya and Ghana. She is excited to be working on projects that set out to improve young people’s life chances.

Lily Clements


Lily is a data scientist with a PhD in statistics. She is committed to working with data to support positive social impact, and is involved in a number of exciting projects across IDEMS. Her work is concentrated mainly in using the statistical software, R, and in the development of data skills training courses.

Johnny McQuade

SOFtware developer

Johnny is a software developer and graphic designer. He has a background in physics and philosophy, with a particular interest in the intersection of the two.

Ian Stride


Ian has broad experience in software development, gained over many years working in startups. He enjoys metal music and helping others to improve their lives through better education.

Elena Okada


With a background in project management, business development as well as inputs in digital product design and implementation, Elena’s work is varied in the role of Social Impact Enabler.  She is enthused to be supporting health and social change projects at IDEMS and possesses particular interest in child development and maternal/child health issues.

Lucie Hazelgrove Planel


An anthropologist with a first degree in mathematics, Lucie enjoys working with communities to support them in achieving their goals. Women, women’s groups and a gender lens to development have been central themes to her research in Africa and Oceania.

David Whittaker

Social Investment Lead

David develops and builds the capacity of social enterprises, originally in Papua New Guinea then Zambia and the UK. He’s an advocate of regenerative agriculture, social economies and always learning.

Issouf Kone

Research Methods JUNIOR FELLOW

Issouf provides research methods support for the West-African community of practice funded by The McKnight Foundation’s Collaborative Crop Research Program in Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. He lives in Ouagadougou. 

Ed Moss

SoFtware developer

Ed is a civil engineer and data scientist. He is working part time on several IDEMS software development projects, supporting quality assurance and testing. He is excited to work with the education and technology sectors and broaden his experience as a developer.

Tim Fox


Tim is a social entrepreneur, with a passion for helping marginalised and disadvantaged communities. Has worked for both the commercial and charitable sector in Europe, Africa, Asia. Along with his own cultural tourist company, these experiences have helped him develop an extensive understanding of how to build a culture of success in a wide range of diverse environments.

Giovanna De Giusti

Development & Gender Expert

Giovanna is an Economic Development Scientist and Educator and a former lecturer at Maseno University in Kenya, where she taught Economic Development, Research Methods and Project Management among other subjects.

Carla Marquez


Carla is a Linguist, with a specialty in Spanish Language. She is working part time on quality assurance for several IDEMS software development projects. She loves dogs and is studying to become a dog trainer.

Michela De Giusti

Economic Development Scientist

Michela is a Development Manager passionate about the role education can play in the development of local communities and has volunteered in Maths Camps in Kenya.

Santiago Borio

STACK Coordinator, Mathematical Scientist

Santiago has a wide range of experiences in education, both professionally and academically, and has held middle management positions and consulted with senior management in a range of projects in schools in the UK and Argentina. He is particularly interested in innovative uses of computer aided assessment of mathematics.

Zach Mbasu


Zach is a founding board member of African Maths Initiative (AMI) and Director of INNODEMS. He is an experienced maths teacher and very passionate about technology integration in Education. He is working on exciting projects that set out to improve the quality of learning in schools across Africa.

Roger Stern


Roger’s main interests include improving the teaching of statistics at all levels. He also works closely with Meteorological Services in many countries to support more use of their historical climatic data.  He remains associated with the University of Reading, UK, where he worked for many years.

Abdou Amadou Aboubacari

Abdou Amadou Aboubacari


Aboubacari is a research methods assistant with a background in mathematics and computer science. He is a doctoral student in statistical modelling analysing the effect and safety of new road developments.

Sabi Sika Madaniatou


Sabi is a research methods assistant. She has a background in statistical mathematics and is very passionate about research methods. She’s delighted to be broadening her experience in this field.

George Simmons


George is a mathematician who has recently completed his PhD. He undertakes modelling and research methods support work with the agroecology team, as well as a wide range of projects across IDEMS.

James Musyoka

James Musyoka


James is an applied statistician with experience in both statistical training and practice. During 10 years at Maseno University he served as Vice President for the International Association of Statistics Education (2019-2023). Currently contributing to IDEMS climate work, he is driven by the belief that proper application of statistics and data science has the potential to drive substantial progress in Africa.

Patrick Munyoki


Patrick has broad experience in software development, gained over several years working as  a consultant for small and medium-sized companies. He has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. He currently works on Climate projects at IDEMS International. He is particularly interested in using technology to help solve world hunger.

Georg Osang

Georg Osang


Alongside his studies at the intersection of mathematics and computer science, Georg has worked as a tutor and has been supporting and participating in mathematics education activities in Africa. He has completed internships at Google and is interested in the application of technology to mathematics education.

Sal Mercuri

Sal Mercuri

Knowledge Transfer Associate for Digital Mathematical Assessment

Sal is a mathematician with a research background encompassing pure mathematics and machine learning, alongside industry experience as a data scientist. In partnership with the University of Edinburgh, he is currently developing features for STACK and helping to broaden its use in computer aided assessment of mathematics.

Zobinou "Zed" Mawusi

Research Methods Assistant

Zed was a research methods specialist. He coordinated support to projects funded by The McKnight Foundation’s Collaborative Crop Research Program in Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. 

Zed sadly passed away suddenly in May 2020. He is greatly missed.