008 – The IDEMS Business Model

David Stern, co-founder of IDEMS, is interviewed by Santiago Borio on the business model IDEMS has developed. The discussion presents a qualitative analysis of a three part model based around the creation of public goods, and the offer of human and digital services. It draws on successful examples and case studies combining two of the three areas.

007 – IDEMS’ views on agriculture

Dr Lucie Hazelgrove Planel interviews David Stern, co-founder of IDEMS, on IDEMS’ views on agriculture. They delve into why IDEMS supports a diverse range of projects related to agriculture based on innovations that lead to sustainable development, and what this development might look like: is the future urban or rural?

006 – Bletchley Park AI Safety Summit

In the first episode of a series on Responsible AI, Dr Lily Clements and David Stern discuss the “AI Safety Summit” that took place at Bletchley Park in November 2023. Are we listening to the right experts on AI? Should we be worried about killer robots? And will regulation stifle innovation?

Further information about some of the topics covered:

Official introduction of the summit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ai-safety-summit-introduction

Dutch childcare benefit scandal: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/10/xenophobic-machines-dutch-child-benefit-scandal/

Amazon’s AI hiring scandal: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45809919

005 – IDEMS as a Community Interest Company

In this episode, we delve deeper into the legal structures behind IDEMS as a social enterprise. Santiago Borio interviews David Stern, a co-founder of IDEMS, and questions him on the technicalities behind IDEMS the business, the somewhat challenging decisions made when setting it up, and the potential to demonstrate an alternative way to make sound business decisions while maintaining a thoughtfully ethical mindset.

004 – Zach Mbasu and INNODEMS, The Follow-Up

Zach Mbasu, Director of INNODEMS, introduced some of his work and his shared passion for education with David in the first IDEMS Interviews Podcast episode. This follow up explores who Zach is, how and why he created INNODEMS, and how IDEMS actually exists thanks to Zach!

003 – Interviews 01: Zach Mbasu and INNODEMS

The first in the IDEMS interviews series. David interviews Zach Mbasu, a long term collaborator and the founding director of INNODEMS, an exciting Kenyan social enterprise. Zach tells his story from high school teacher to social entrepreneur, through his search to support Kenyan youth to gain access to the education they deserve. Zach’s story also explains why, founded in the challenges of African education and development, IDEMS is committed to enabling future generations to write their own stories through African-led enterprise rather than ‘international aid.’

002 – What is IDEMS?

In this episode, we break down and discuss the acronym “IDEMS”, which stands for “Innovations in Development, Education and the Mathematical Sciences”. Santiago Borio interviews David Stern, a co-founder of IDEMS, to delve deeper into the organisation’s overarching objectives, some of the motivations for its establishment, and its positive but challenging future outlook.

001 – Maths Minds: Thinking Hard About Supporting a Collaborative Society

The first episode of The IDEMS Podcasts. Its title, “Maths Minds: Thinking hard about supporting a collaborative society”, represents some of what IDEMS does and how we intend to tell our stories. Dr Lily Clements interviews David Stern, a co-founder of IDEMS, to delve deep into elements of why IDEMS exists.