Recruiting Social Impact Enablers in 2022

At the heart of IDEMS work is our desire to have a positive social impact. Although much of our core strength as an institution is our technical skills and strength in the mathematical sciences this is only impactful because we also have experience and deep insights in social and international development. This is provided by people who have experience having lived and worked in challenging environments trying to make a difference.

At the start of 2022 we are looking to recruit a few more people with such experience who are keen to work with our technical team. 

2022 Social Impact Enabler recruitment

UK Based Remote

£29,614 – £54,943 per year

Permanent, Contract, Part-time, Full-time

Job description

IDEMS International is looking for social impact enablers to support a variety of exciting projects with high social impact and global reach. Our immediate priority is to recruit someone with extensive experience in international development for a specific project. We are also interested in applications from other experienced candidates as part of our general expansion.

IDEMS (Innovations in Development, Education and the Mathematical Sciences) International is a not for profit Community Interest Company and has an expanding range of projects, focused on social impact, across diverse sectors. Our projects are highly collaborative with researchers and development organisations. IDEMS’ role in projects is primarily technical and we have a team with strong mathematical science and software development skills. We are looking for enablers who can support our technical team and engage with our collaborators in order to increase social impact outcomes. We can offer flexible full-time and part-time positions.

IDEMS is a young, growing, social enterprise, registered as a not-for-profit community interest company. We have academic roots and aspirations of global impact. Our work is extremely varied, including software development, consultancy in the mathematical sciences to support development projects and education projects, particularly in Africa. Our areas of impact include climate change, agriculture, social development, school and university education. We are transitioning to move beyond consultancy and towards service-oriented business models.

General Recruitment

We are expanding and expect to recruit multiple candidates through the course of 2022. We are looking for candidates with:

  • Experience working towards social impact and the ability to work simultaneously on diverse projects in different sectors and for different geographic locations.
  • Proven ability to develop partnerships with stakeholders in the Global North and Global South.
  • An interest in working with technical experts who are committed to developing open technological solutions, and the ability to support them to achieve more by understanding both technical and practical perspectives.
  • A desire to work in international development and the ability to support our partner teams in Africa and beyond.
  • A passion for contributing to complex social challenges and the ability to communicate well and represent IDEMS to a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • An understanding of evidence-based approaches to development and/or research methodologies used to measure social impact within the context of the Global South.
  • A willingness to prioritise wellbeing over wealth and the ability to accept terms benchmarked on university rather than UN-type rates.

IDEMS offers permanent staff fully flexible working terms but expects all staff to act responsibly with respect to their workload and company finances. We also have mechanisms to work with people on a part-time, contract and volunteer basis.

We are looking for staff members, who would start on a standard probationary period. Appointments would be expected to be involved in multiple projects and represent IDEMS in interactions with our partners. Partnerships on existing projects include:

Staff members may also be able to instigate their own partnerships, either by bringing existing organisational collaborations with them or creating new ones. This would simply require the new projects to align with IDEMS principles and not have negative financial implications for IDEMS. IDEMS aims to give all staff members a say in how surpluses are used for reinvestment and to support of our community.

Informal enquiries are welcome at: enquiries ( at ) idems (dot) international

Priority Recruitment

Specifically, we are looking to recruit enablers, experienced in international development, for a project which is set to expand substantially in early 2022.

The project has the potential to impact millions of parents and their children across the world and is part of the Parenting for Lifelong Health project, led by researchers at the University of Oxford.

We are looking for someone who could quickly integrate into our team and can work on tight timelines as part of a demanding collaboration.

We are looking for candidates with:

  • 5+ years’ experience in international development
  • 5+ years’ experience of working in the Global South
  • 5+ years’ experience relating to project management
  • experience of working within academia or a proven ability to work with academics
  • an understanding of research methodologies
  • the ability to quickly slot into an existing team and immediately contribute to the project
  • the ability to understand both technical complexities and development needs of the project
  • excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate well with software developers, social science researchers and NGO partners

Although it is not essential the role would also benefit from experience:

  • Working with UN agencies such as UNICEF
  • Developing business models for social enterprises
  • Supporting large Randomised Control Trials for development
  • Managing software development projects

Candidates can expect a salary equivalent to the salaries within Grade 6 to Grade 8 range on the University of Oxford pay scales (£29,614 – £54,943).

IDEMS offers a generous, university-style pension scheme which matches 8% employee contributions with 18% employer contributions.

To apply see our CharityJob application process.

Deadline: 30 January 2022 – suitable applicants may be interviewed as they apply

Informal enquires are welcome at: enquiries ( at )