Supporting for African Maths Initiavites

IDEMS has a strong connection with African Maths Initiative (AMI), a Kenyan NGO formed by mathematicians and mathematics educators working to create a stronger mathematical community and culture of mathematics across Africa in all academic levels. 

IDEMS collaborates with AMI on many of its consultancy contracts and open source software development projects. IDEMS also plays a mentioning role to the junior staff within AMI. Both of these are important aspects of our commitment to build capacity within Africa. 

Alongside this ongoing support, IDEMS has supported AMI in a number of specific activities this year.

–          In May 2018 IDEMS participated in a week long meeting between AMI and Manor House Agricultural Centre, Kitale, Kenya to discuss a collaboration between the two institutions involving joint activities. The meeting was highly successful with joint activities agreed, including the joint delivery of diploma courses in mathematical sciences, and a memorandum of understanding signed at the close of the meeting. IDEMS helped facilitate the discussions and discussed ways in which IDEMS could also support the collaboration.

–          This year IDEMS has supported AMI in building their partnership with M-PESA Foundation Academy Collaboration, an innovative secondary school in Nairobi, Kenya. IDEMS attended meetings and workshops at the school.

–          Swahili Pot Training on Maths Education in Mombasa, Kenya. IDEMS supported AMI to give a training for volunteers who were going out to work with kids in schools.

–          In August 2018, IDEMS funded Zach Mbasu and Maxwell Fundi from AMI to attend the 5th AFRICME conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. AFRICME is a forum for mathematics educators working across Africa to discuss developments, initiatives and research in mathematics education. At AFRICME, the AMI team delivered a workshop on the African Data Initiative, introducing the R-Instat software to teachers and educators at both school and university level. Keeping connections with the AFRICME community is important for both IDEMS and AMI and IDEMS was happy to support AMI to be represented at the conference this year, particularly as no one from IDEMS was able to attend.