Quantum Leap Africa’s workshop

The Directors of IDEMS were invited speakers at Quantum Leap Africa’s workshop titled “Data to Quantum” (https://quantumleapafrica.org/event/data-to-quantum/). 

QLA, based in Rwanda, was created by AIMS and seeks to catalyse top quality high impact research in data science, smart systems engineering and drive the future IT revolution through quantum information. 

This workshop focused on data science and brought together leading researchers, industry practitioners, and potential users of data science, big data analytics and quantum information.

17 speakers presented their ideas and work in data science and discussed how QLA could achieve impact in Africa through data science and how data science is a path to quantum information. IDEMS’s presentations included our data work in agriculture, climate, and public procurement as well our initiatives in training and education in data skills.

It is hoped that IDEMS continues to be involved in this initiative and helps support QLA in enabling high quality impact research within Africa, a goal that closely aligns with the vision and work of IDEMS.