Supporting the analysis of climate data

Supporting Met (Meteorological) officers

IDEMS is contracted by the world meteorological organisation (WMO) and the UK Met Office to develop and deliver training programmes that support Met officers from around the world to gain skills in analysing their historical climatic data. Despite the climate emergency many met services are custodians of a rich data store which has never been analysed. 

Training local met officers to analyse the data themselves is essential as it is only through such analyses that data anomalies can be identified and potentially rectified. It also has the potential to create a local resource for tailored services which could serve a wide range of application partners.  

Empowering unheard climate voices

The climate emergency has highlighted many of the worlds unfairness’s. One of the reasons that many less developed nations are not able to have their voices heard in the climate negotiations is because they are lacking the ‘research evidence’ to back up their positions. It is often assumed that this is due to a lack of data but the truth is more often a lack of expertise to convert the data they have into the evidence they need.