Vision and Mission


Impacting grand challenges.

Grand challenges are complex development problems which are intractable to simple direct interventions, sometime these are described as ‘wicked problems’ in international development. Based on current understanding of how to impact such challenges the company encourages the following broad approaches:

  • Accepting complexity: This excludes the possibility of looking for silver bullet solutions and quick fixes, it leads to a more multifaceted trans-disciplinary approach to interventions.
  • Building incrementally: Interventions need to be thought as steps along a path. They should, wherever possible, build from previous experience and create further opportunities.
  • Explicitly coherent: Accepting the time it takes to build solutions to such complex challenges it is essential to have clear communications of the underlying thought process and principles to enable consistency.

Mission and social mission

Working collaboratively with diverse partners to enable the evolution of innovations which can impact lives all over the world.

As a social enterprise IDEMS is also guided by its social mission. The social mission splits into three major components: 

  • Development: Enabling innovations to flourish the improve quality of life.
  • Education: Impacting professional and academic outcomes of education systems even in difficult environments.
  • Mathematical Sciences: Contribute to the strengthening of the mathematical sciences both as a discipline and a tool for social change.