Support for Supporting African Maths Inititatives

Supporting African Maths Initiatives (SAMI) is a UK charity established by mathematics educators in UK to support initiatives in mathematics education across Africa, initially supporting the work of AMI. SAMI coordinates the international volunteer program that supports maths camps run across Africa. SAMI also fundraises to support AMI in offering internships within Kenya.

IDEMS also has a legal relationship with SAMI. SAMI is mentioned in IDEMS Articles of Association as a specified organisation which IDEMS is able to transfer assets (including money) within its requirements as a community interest company. IDEMS will make donations to SAMI in 2019 using profits made from our first financial year.

IDEMS has attended a number of SAMI events this year, offering advice and support where useful.

–          This year IDEMS has been involved in discussions and planning for the maths camps that SAMI supports in a number of African countries. We’re excited to see plans for the maths camps to expand in 2019 beyond Kenya, Ethiopia and Ghana to also include new countries of Togo and Cameroon. The maths camps are important events to bring together people who are passionate about mathematics education from within each host country and internationally, to provide an inspiring, enjoyable mathematics experience to high school students. We have seen how a maths camp can be a life changing experience for the students that attend, inspire students in mathematics and encourage teachers to embrace the fun and relevance of mathematics.

–          IDEMS was also involved in the planning of the London Maths Camp, a SAMI event to inspire students in the UK through extracurricular mathematics, as well as raising funds to support the maths camps in Africa.

–          IDEMS attended SAMI’s Theory of Change meetings in January 2018, helping to facilitate the meeting and contributing to the documents that came out of the meeting which begin to document SAMI’s long term vision and goals and how its activities contribute to this.

–          IDEMS also attended SAMI’s Annual General Meeting in September 2018.