Non-Executive Directors

After five years defined by profitable organic growth, IDEMS is at a very exciting stage of its development: looking to launch digital services based on an ecosystem of open technological products. That’s why we are looking for Non-Executive Directors to help steer us through this next chapter with the values and insights they can bring.


Non-Executive Directors

We are looking for Non-Executive Directors to help us decide and navigate the next stage of our growth. We are working to be more systematic in our overall governance and financial controls while retaining the ability to respond to new opportunities organically as they arise: an approach that’s helped us be resilient through the Covid pandemic and recruit an exceptionally talented team.

We currently have around a million pound turnover. When the time is right for us to transition into our next stage of growth, we anticipate the Non-Executive Directors experience to be invaluable on the key areas of governance, i.e. strategic direction, finance, development priorities, team dynamics and culture, HR and legal. We are conscious that our current team does not have experience of navigating the challenges of going to scale.

In particular, one of the transitions we are negotiating is the addition of digital service contracts (clients buying digital services based on our open products) to our existing consultancy contracts (clients buying services based on our expertise and experience). This transition into offering digital services is central to our identity as a tech startup but it requires significant investment which is challenging to align with our social mission and desire for sustainability. We are looking for people who can help us to navigate our own path to scale built on our unique assets and ability to deliver tech innovation.

Perhaps more important than any specific areas of expertise or experience, we believe our Non-Executive Directors will need to grasp the principles that underpin our work and be confident managing complexity as both the nature of the environments in which we operate and as a method for approaching effective impact development. We’re confident these principles which guide how we work are right for IDEMS and represent our values. Growing our impact shouldn’t mean compromising them.
There are important decisions we are excited to be making and the right Non-Executive Directors will be motivated to contribute to that process and the impact we create.
Please read the Terms of Reference then consider applying.

To apply: submit a CV and a letter explaining your interest to [email protected] or apply anonymously via