How can we help your social enterprise?

Innovations for resilience and impact

iCARE brings our experience in international development to support local communities. As the initiative expands, we are offering up to £10,000 worth of our services to UK-based social enterprises and charities working in any field. To provide the kind of support organisations want in the most accessible way, we will make deliver support in three broad ways: 

  • One-to-one advice: we know from experience that just an hour’s consultation on technology, data or evidence can solve a problem for a number of organisations. We can offer 10 such opportunities.
  • Consultancy: For a few organisations we intend to go a bit further, offering 1-2 days worth of support where advice alone would not be enough and the further support would be impactful. 
  • In-depth: for one organisation who would really benefit concretely we are able to offer 1-2 weeks of our time for something more substantial which aligns with our social mission.

All you need to do is tell us briefly what kind of support that would be useful. It takes just two minutes. We’re looking forward to hearing from you …